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Tire Ratings and Tire Safety

Additional Maintenance

I recommend you visually check your tires at each fill up. Check for uneven wear, puncture marks, cuts and any foreign objects that may have punctured your tires. You should also have your tires rotated and balanced periodically. Unbalanced tires can cause your vehicle to behave erratically, and accelerate wear. The recommended interval should be between every 5,000-10,000 miles. This will help prevent uneven wear, sub par performance and maximize the life of your tires. Below is a chart provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that shows the proper rotation pattern for front, rear and four wheel drive vehicles.

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On your Way

You are now well armed with all the safety and technical information youíll need to have the confidence for maintaining your current tires or choosing the right tires to buy. Remember, if itís time for new tires or you know youíll be asking your vehicle to perform above and beyond its expected normal call of duty then heed these tire ratings. Understand that skimping on lower rated tires for budget purposes might wind up costing you many times your savings in damage to your vehicle and tires or even worse could cost you or others harm.

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